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  • Find our chocolates at Petit Philippe in Charlotte, NC
  • Hand made specialty chocolates
a latitude with a sweet attitude

At Twenty Degrees, we create chocolate confections by hand in small batches using premium ingredients in flavor combinations designed to comfort or surprise you. As Seen in Oprah MagazineIf we can bring a smile (or better yet, a sigh!) to your lips, we’ve done our job.

Our name is a reminder of how rare and precious chocolate is - the cacao tree only grows within 20 degrees of the equator.


Let us create the perfect signature for your special occasion or corporate event.
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petit philippe - wine - chocolate - tasting room
2820 Selwyn Ave, #160
Charlotte, NC
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Indulge your cravings, purchase a chocolate collection or grab a sweet gift at Petit Philippe, our retail partner and ‘brother’ store. Our web store will launch soon!
To place an order, please call the shop at 704.332.9910.
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The Dude is back, and he abides!
Same luscious Kahlua + white chocolate ganache, now encased in a vivid chocolate "bowling ball" shell.

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