About Us

At Twenty Degrees, we create chocolates and confections by hand in small batches using premium ingredients like Valrhona French couverture chocolate, sweet cream, European-style butter, and locally sourced fresh herbs and fruit whenever possible. We develop our flavor combinations to comfort or surprise you. If we can bring a smile (or better yet, a sigh!) to your lips, we’ve done our job.  

We take inspiration from our travels to Europe, Africa, and the South Pacific, the regional cuisines and cultures of the United States, and even movies, music and pop culture. We love food and cooking, and many of the flavors we enjoy in savory foods find their way into our confections.

Why we chose "Twenty Degrees" 

Chocolate comes from the fruit of the cacao tree, which only grows within 20 degrees of the equator. We chose the company’s name to convey how precious chocolate is, and to remind us that it is, at its core, an agricultural product with a very limited growing region. It requires the proper climate, soil and shade, and each tree’s yield is quite small. Chocolate can even reflect the same characteristics of terroir that wine does! It’s no wonder chocolate has been celebrated for centuries.